Larry Dossey, MD, Author of The One Mind, says...

"Dr. Julie Beischel is a courageous, innovative pioneer who has brought immense respectability to a controversial area. If you think modern science has proved beyond doubt the finality of physical death, think again. Dr. Beischel's research with mediums strongly suggests that our destiny is not as morbid as we've been led to believe.

Her research points like an arrow to an aspect of consciousness that survives. Her contribution is huge, because throughout human history the terror of death's finality has caused more suffering than all the physical diseases combined. The research in Among Mediums helps annul this fear. This book, then, is about hope, which in our materialistic age has been in short supply.

In the telling, Beischel has established a new genre: science-and-humor.

Who said writing about dead people has to be morose and gruesome? Chesterton said, 'It is a test of a good religion whether you can make a joke about it.' Perhaps it should be a test of good science, too. If so, Beischel passes the test with high marks. Be prepared to laugh. This, dear reader, is science writing at its best."

Prof. Loyd Auerbach , MS, Atlantic University & JFK University, says...

"Easy to read and understand and with a light-hearted touch, Among Mediums is a wonderful introduction to the application of science to a human experience that is thousands of years old yet which has been ignored or dismissed by most of the scientific community. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in mediumship, in the mounting evidence for life after death, in the very real potential for mediums in the grieving process, and in how science can be applied to the so-called paranormal."

Robert Ginsberg, Vice-president, Forever Family Foundation, says...

"Dr. Beischel has managed to unlock many of the mysteries surrounding mediumship and explain the common misconceptions about the process. Perhaps even more important than the scientific research are her queries about its implications and how the knowledge can be used for the betterment of humanity."

Dean Radin, Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences

"Julie Beischel and her team at the Windbridge Institute have joined a unique group of scientists over the past century who have studied mediums -- people who claim that they communicate with the deceased. Unlike many scientists who assume that this topic is either not amenable to scientific inquiry or not worth the effort, Beischel's team has taken on the challenge in a serious and rigorous way, and the results of their efforts are intriguing. While the jury is still out with regard to scientific 'proof' of survival of consciousness, something interesting is definitely going on.

What makes this short book a real treat, especially for those who wonder if science has anything to say at all about the question of survival after bodily death, is the first-person glimpse of how claims of mediumship can be scientifically studied. The ebook is easy to read with Beischel's sense of humor liberally sprinkled throughout the text, making it both authoritative and accessible."

Among Mediums:
A Scientist's Quest for Answers.

A new concise, accessible, and entertaining e-book by
Julie Beischel, PhD,
Director of Research at the Windbridge Institute

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